Some of these articles are extremely offensive to the Christian heart. We do not post them to glorify sin, but to expose the fact that the SDA church has indeed become BABYLON. We can only echo the Present Truth to COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE. (Revelation 14:6-12;18:1-5) Our prayer is that you heed this call before it is too late.


Letting Roman Catholics off the hook
(SDA church openly denies 3 angels message)

 If there is this much evidence against this church, why do some remain within?



Last Updated ~ 12-18-18 (over 370 articles!)

  1. MORE TO COME!!!
  2. Video: SDA Pastors Drinking & Serving Babylonian Wine! Where did Adventist pastors get "whooping" from? (WARNING: The maker of the video is a 501c3 ministry)
  3. B. B. Beach Gives Pope a Gold Medal
  4. The Gold Medal the SDA church gave the Pope
  5. SDA Leaders join with Pope and all Denominations in new Global Alliance (See Photo #6)
  6. Walla Walla Invites Jesuit Priest to Speak At CommUnity
  7. Lightning kill 16 and injures 140 at SDA church in Rwanda on Sabbath
  8. Uganda Presents calls Ted Wilson "the Pope" and Ted DOES NOT correct him!
  9. Adventist Pastor Charged With Sexually Assaulting Girl
  10. SDA Hospital merges with Roman Catholic Org
  11. Drafted Letter of Ted Wilson calling Pope "Your Holiness" wherein he apologized for the SDA's doing their duty sending out the Great Controversy in an area the Pope was to visit. (If or when they delete it - click here) (or watch this video)
  12. MANY changes to the SDA Chruch Manual
  13. When Adventists become "Global Partners" with Jesuits, Protestants and Other Faiths
  14. SDAs sing in Russia in a worship service with Catholics, Orthodox,Apostolic, Evengalical,Baptists, and others
  15. Video: SDA Church says Peace and Safety
  16. Analysis of What is Happening with the Ordination of Women Pastors
  17. SDA Walla Walla University Church Joins Progressive Spirituality Group
  18. State demands pastor turn over sermons, notes  (State never would have this power had the GC not had the 501c3)
  19. Why Adventists Participate in UN and Ecumenical Meetings
  20. Video: Evidence of SDA Church in Ecumenism (Notice Ted Wilson at 1:27.  The SDA has a representative in the United Nations after Wilson is introduced at 2:08:)
  21. Adventist Health Transfers 110 Years of Walla Walla Hospital Care to Sisters of Providence
  22. The Pope to the Christian World Communions delegation: ecumenism of prayer, journeying and blood, 12.10.2016 (SDA church listed as MEMBER)
  23. Pacific Union Sends Pro-WO Book To Each Of Its Pastors 
  24. Adventist Pastor's Trangender Child Leads Them to Accept LGBTQ Agenda
  25. PUC Officials Ask Not to be Included in Adventist Yearbook
  26. Video: Seventh day Adventist Church Facing a Legal and Financial Collapse
  27. Andrews University Will Create an Official LGBT Support Group
  28. Video: Married Lesbian Couple Baptised Into Chico Seventh-day Adventist Church
  29. Video: SDA leaders embrace LGBT and deny God on camera! (was LIVE STREAMED 12/03/16)
  30. Video: SDA General Conf. appoints first open transgendered elder in Holywood SDA Church
  31. SDA Leaders recognized by Pope's One World Church
  32. Pope's Conference of Secretaries of Christian World Communions endorses SDA church
  34. Pope's "Summary of Bulletin" (12/10/16) acknowledges SDA church as ecumenical MEMBERS!  
  35. Video: SDA School said it helped troubled kids. It covered up sex abuse instead, lawsuit says
  36. Video: SDA Pastor BT Rice addressing the pope in the Vatican mass
  37. Video: SDA abortions?!
  38. Video: SDA Leader Ben Carson denies God to be sworn into political office
  39. Video: SDA church joins hands with Rome as Harlot Sisters
  40. Adventist Health Reaches Huge Fraud Settlement
  41. VIDEO: Another SDA pastor standing in prayer before the church
  42. Ben Carson’s Political Blunders Expose Adventist Theological Weaknesses
  43. Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus Touches Hearts at Palm Springs Adventist Church
  44. VIDEO: Abortions in our SDA churches hospitals
  45. SDA man rapes, tortures church mate, takes pics of her privates
  46. Proposed Letter of Apology to Pope Francis from the GC President
  47. At Moscow Forum, Adventists join other faiths in decrying religious extremism
  48. SDA First Church celebrates first female pastor
  49. Interfaith Worship Doubled Since 9/11, But Remains Low
  50. SDA Church Dispute Heads to Court
  51. Why Adventists Participate in UN and Ecumenical Meetings
  52. Seventh-day Adventist and Roman Catholic Ecumenical Service 
  53. (Ecumenical) Zed (Hindu) dialogues with Seventh-day Adventist Church
  54. Video: Ted Wilson and friends refuse to kneel in prayer
  55. SDA Church joins with Pope on climate change agenda
  56. Ben Carsdon a Freemason!  (pdf)
  57. A LOT of scary info on Ben Carson
  58. Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Says Earth Could Be ‘Billions of Years Old’
  59. Ben Carson's Fraternity
  60. Ben Carson Appoints Sunday keeper Johnnie Moore as 'Special Faith Adviser' to Presidential Campaign
  61. Ben Carson declared president-elect of Southern Adventist University
  62. Video: Ben Carson caves on homosexual marriage
  63. RCC/SDA Progress Website
  64. Ecumenical relations mark MWC meetings SDA church involved!
  65. Glenville SDA church installs WOMAN PASTOR
  66. Local SDA leaders support women in clergy
  67. NAD CALLED Sunday-Keeping Lausanne Ecumenicist To Teach Adventist Pastors How To Talk About Jesus
  68. Video: Demonic "Harlem Shake" at Andrews University!
  69. Adventist Health System to pay 118.7 Million to sette false claims charge! (Is this how you want your TITHE spent?)
  70. Video: SDA pastor praises professional liars (actors) and little Richard because they’re SDA and some (like Prince) he doesn’t praise? A VERY mixed message
  71. Where do your tithe and love offerings end up in SDA church?
  72. Video: G.C. Representative BT Rice addressing the pope "Your Holiness"
  73. Video: Is the SDA church the Remnant?"
  74. SDA Church has Sunday Keeping Ecumenicist Teach Pastors?!
  75. SDA Ben Carson declares Pope "Holy Leader"
  76. Ben Carson Column Yanked (for dishonesty)
  77. SDA's Ben Carson: 'I Support Civil Unions for Gay Couples'
  78. Video: Ben Carson: Forced Vaccinations For All Americans
  79. Adventist Healthcare Admits Guilt For ViolatingFalse Claims Act
  80. SDA Ben Carson tells TV station he'll seek Republican presidential nomination
  81. Adventist Elder Statesmen Support Women's Ordination on New Website
  82. Video: Sda Conference: Sunday worship "no big deal"
  83. SDA Church President Ted Wilson Caught in Bed with “Five Whores”! (Rev. 2:22)
  84. Sexual immorality in the SDA church
  85. Bake Sale for Homeless LGBT Youth Incites Conflict at Andrews University
  86. Former SDA pastor arrested for sexual battery in Florida
  87. Why Huntsville Alabama's First Seventh-day Adventist Church is starting a Sunday worship service
  89. SDA Pastor Defiles 14-Year-Old Girl Till She Pass Out
  90. Weston-Super-Mare Adventist Church celebrate X-Mas in a VERY Pagan fashion! (Notice head wreaths!)
  91. Three SDA pastors appeared in court for fraud
  92. Malawi SDA pastor arrested for sexual assault
  93. Video: Evidence of SDA Church in Ecumenism
  94. Video: More SDA Apostasy - Netherlands conference encourages homosexual membership
  95. SDA Newsletter promoting Catholic priest on SDA pulpit
  96. An Open Letter to Ted Wilson on Abortion in our Hospitals The Trademark and Recent Imprisonment of Seventh-day Adventists
  97. Video: Seventh GAY Adventists
  98. Seventh-day Adventist church sued over allegations of abuse in youth program
  99. SDA's concert to Hinduism
  100. Video: Catholic Priest Preaching In The SDA Church (See what SOP says about this!)
  101. Pope Francis’ Message to the SDA Church
  102. SDA church celebrates birthday on Sabbath day!
  103. SDA church adopting Catholic "formation"
  104. Video: SDA Pastor to be ATHEIST for one year!
  106. 8 SDA's die in lightning strike on church
  107. Video: Filipino Church Christmas Party The 21st of December 2013
  108. Video: SDA church unites with Papacy
  109. Adventists Assess Why 1 in 3 Members Leave the SDA Church
  111. Adventist, other faith representatives share ideas to bolster relationship between religious groups, government
  112. Video: Seventh-day Adventist Church Facing a Legal and Financial Collapse
  113. SDA's sing to Mary
  114. Video: Laodicea: Path of Destruction 
  115. US SDA conference elects woman president
  116. Former Seventh Day Adventist Members Crucify Teenager in Week-Long Exorcism
  117. Samoa's Seventh Day Adventist Church has chosen Sunday as the official day of worship, ending months of confusion
  118. Former SDA Pastor reappears in court on sexual assault charges
  119. SDA leaders, Protestant leaders, and Islamic leaders join in Vatican Ecumenical Agenda meeting
  120. Former SDA pastor on 6 sex charges
  121. SDA Sanitarium now confirm products are Halal certified for Islamic god
  122. Rainbow Alliance praises (SDA) church stance
  123. Former SDA employee sentenced to 150 years for sex abuse
  124. 79% of GC of SDA church agrees to ordain women
  125. Adventist minister admits he wears Catholic collar
  126. Seventh-Day Adventists Facing Pressure On Allowing Female Pastors
  127. Video: SDA Worldliness
  128. Duo Defrauds Seventh Day Adventist Church of U.S.$170 000
  129. SDA pastor urges Christians to vote
  130. SDA church leader calls for the Vetting of clergy
  131. Symbols of the Occult used by SDA church
  132. SDA University names new economics centre after abortionist
  133. Video: Con Los Adventistas: Higher Ed. Does the Harlem Shake
  134. Video: METAS Seventh - Day Adventist School
  135. Video: Seventh-day Adventist Church and Abortion
  136. Lake Perris Seventh-day Adventist Church (Looks like a Catholic / Pagan Cathedral)
  137. SDA Church Reacts to Corruption Allegations
  138. Seventh GAY Adventists (Notice who endorses them)
  139. Video: The SDA church of Babylon
  140. Loma Linda doing business with Monsanto!
  141. SDA Pastor jailed for 'sickening' rape of partner
  142. Video: SDA Church's (new) opinion about the Mark of the Beast
  143. SDA Church preaches Christ and the Muslim Imam Mahdi are one in the same!
  144. Video: SDA Student exposes massive Vatican influence in SDA colleges
  145. Video:SDA Pastor calls Pope "Your Holiness" on TV
  146. "Elective" Abortions Sanctioned by SDA church!
  147. SDA church has Pastor Jailed for using SDA Name
  148. 3ABN Network sued in church sex abuse
  149. Famous Adventists (Notice how they make actors (professional liars) appear good for the SDA church!)
  150. Official January 1886 Govt Document of GCSDA Joining with Govt! pdf (They did this behind EGW's back while in Europe Her name is NOT on the document!)
  151. Video: A Bedlam of Noise at Allegheny East Conference 2012 Camp
  152. Video: SDA church says Allah is God!
  153. Video: Another SDA pastor says Allah is God!
  154. Adventist World says Allah is God!
  155. Seventh Day Adventist camp meeting turns to sex orgy
  156. SDA pastor says "no one knows what the mark of the beast is" (scroll to paragraph #8)
  157. Video: SOP prophesied "bedlam of noise" in an SDA camp meeting
  158. Video: Another SDA "bedlam of noise"
  159. NCC to speak at Andrews University
  160. SDA church officially sponsoring "Parliament of World Religions" (names in alphabetical order. Scroll down to see SDA name)
  161. Restitution Ministries joins with SDA church! (Who is Restitution Ministries? Click here)
  162. SDA hospital displays cross of Baal!
  163. Video: Loma Linda SDA minister Promotes Homosexual Marriage!
  164. Catholicism in the SDA Hymnal
  165. Mount Vernon SDA church teaches on Roman Catholic Easter rituals in a positive manner (notice his hair!?)
  166. Video: Letter from President Obama to SDA church as read by Ted Wilson Regarding unity (link repaired)
  167. My Jesuitcal Tendencies Here is an article where an SDA author defends the Roman Catholic Jesuits. He is also the author of "Letting the Catholics off the hook."
  168. Parkes SDA Church Notice the Roman Phallic symbol (steeple) and the Pagan windows
  169. Video: SDA Parade of Nations In this video they honor both the Pope and the Knights of Malta! @ 9:20 the GC invites the "holy see" into their gathering. No, there are not SDA churches in Vatican city, but they didn't want to say Rome, or Catholic church when announcing them for obvious reasons. So they say "holy see" instead?! To call this church the "holy see" is to agree it is "God's eyes" on earth!
  170. Adventists and Muslims: Five convictions Here the SDA church follows Rome's lead in yoking with those that hate and actually kill Christians.
  171. Loma Linda University "A note about Easter"
  172. Video: SDA pastor wearing Catholic robe, purple scarf of Rome and golden cross (Notice how he preaches using Pentecostal pulse as he preaches. Also notice x-mass trees)
  173. Power of pride SDA Elder Clifford Goldstein declares "I’m sure Jesus looks approvingly on ‘loving, monoganamous, and committed’ homosexual sodomy."
  174. Sunday keeping Adventist Churches (pdf)
  175. Video: Ex-Jesuit Rivera admits on film that Samuel Bacchiochi was in fact a Jesuit working for Rome to infiltrate the SDA church
  176. Andrews University Spiritualism Course The students have started a petition to try and stop it.
  177. List of names in SDA  church teaching NLP. (pdf)  NLP has two labs: lab 1 trains you how to practice mind control on others.  Lab 2 trains you to be able to train others.  So these 200 SDAs on this list have been trained to teach other SDAs how to practice hypnotism on other SDAs, and this list was from back in 1991!
  178. Video: Southern Adventist University flash mob 2011 (Watch how Rock music with drums is played very loud so all the students break in a sinful dance! They also have a dragon on stage dancing with them! At 2:05 a naked man wearing only black shorts is dancing! And then at around 2:42 president of the University, Gordon Bietz comes out with blue hair!)
  179. Letting Roman Catholics off the hook. (SDA church openly denies 3 angels message!!!)
  180. Adventists amd Muslims: Five convictions
  181. More apostasy in the GC SDA
  182. New Age sympathizer Leonard Sweet to speak at SDA Conference
  183. 1975 document shows GCSDA's commitment to the ordination of women (pdf
  184. SDA Conference "commited to the ordination of women"
  185. The secret meaning of the SDA logos
  186. There is an SDA prophetess in Haiti!? (Does this mean EGW is null & void?)
  187. Video: Paula Olivier goes against God's wil and is ORDAINED TO PASTOR an SDA church
  188. Video: SDA church suing Creation Seventh day Adventists
  189. Video: SDA church attacks Creation SDA church. Tears signs down and removes books
  190. Creation SDA church members protest court order
  191. Adventists and Muslims: Five convictions (SDA church joining with Islam!)
  192. Adventist Today magazine OFFICIALLY denies 3 Angels Message!
  193. Vatican most recent "lure" to draw SDA's into their church
  194. Video: 3ABN discusses teaching evolution at SDA universities
  195. SDA deacon up on rape charges
  196. SDA church seeking "Muslim relations" in their study center
  197. 7.0 earthquake devastates Haitian Adventist community
  198. SDA Hymn that sings in worship to Baal
  199. Faith and Science in Two Divergent Adventist Traditions: A Historical Dilemma
  200. Book, Medallion Presented to Pope (By SDA Church)
  201. Review and Herald warning to GC SDA
  202. 2004 International Faith and Science Conference
  203. Cohutta Church Hosts Fifth Sunday
  204. SDA Hospitals build up
  205. California: AB 17 Slips Through After Midnight
  206. Merry Christmas email from
  207. Clinton praises the SDA people
  208. SDA President asking flock to drop "Seventh-day" from name
  209. New Guidelines for working with non-Christians
  210. SDA church using music to lure Muslims
  211. SDA church denounces book proclaiming Pope evil
  212. Adventist Pastor Preaches in German Mosque  
  213. Serbia: Adventist Church President Meets Orthodox, Roman Catholic
  214. SDA Church openly embracing Lent and Easter with Catholics and others
  215. SDA Sabbath Quarterly on 666
  216. Email from SDA Amazing Facts regarding Trinity
  217. Fire Came Down on the SDA Church From God
  218. Adventist Review Promotes "Loving Babylon" Conference
  219. General Conference hallowing Sunday worship in a book it published-
  220. Loma Linda Sermon ~ How to have Sex with God
  221. World Council of Churches faith and order (NOTE: GC SDA membership)
  222. NAD Declares infants hell-bound
  223. Adventist Review encourages Sunday Worship
  224. GC SDA Denounced Anti-Catholic advertisements
  225. Adventist Makes Presentation to a Catholic Conference
  226. Vatican and Protestants Begin New Talks on Justification
  227. List Of Those Attending Vatican Conference
  228. Seventh-day Adventist Headquarters Hosts Annual Christmas Program
  229. The Adventist Apostle of Ecumenism
  230. SDA Flyer for Christmas program
  231. SDA Church Promoting the Pope in Signs of the Times
  232. Adventists and World Evangelical Fellowship Consider Dialogue
  233. Muslims, Catholics, Protestants and SDA
  234. Adventist School hold a Dance for the Students
  235. SDA -VS- Raphel Perez mediation notice
  236. Adventists Sue Over Use of Name
  237. SDA Church using "hate" in lawsuit
  238. SDA Church doing Political Business on Sabbath in SDA church
  239. RCC and SDA Church make joint statement
  240. SDA President proclaims SDA a Catholic organization
  241. Vatican admits plans to Infiltrate SDA church
  242. Tonga SDA Churches keep Sunday as Sabbath
  243. SDA Sunday Experiment Reaches LasVegas Unchurched
  244. SDA church allowing Sunday worshipers to use church
  245. Seeker-Sensitive Church Loyal to Conference
  246. SDA to Sunday
  247. SDA ministers & teachers employed as nuns and priests
  248. Adventist Illusionist Shares his faith
  249. SDA Church teaches RCC Original sin doctrine
  250. SDA Hospitals unveil Vatican approved sculptures
  251. RCC - SDA - WCC Joint Working Group (JWG)
  252. Lutheran - SDA compromise
  253. Lutheran, Adventist Dialogue
  254. N.A.D brags of being a mainstream Protestant church
  255. SDA Church Supports Homosexual Lifestyle
  256. SDA Hand-in-Hand with World Council of Churches
  257. SDA Hymnal Is Catholic ?
  258. SDA fun fest sponsored on Sabbath. advertisement (pdf)
  259. GC Asks members to drop "Seventh-day" from SDA name
  260. What Pastors are Taught at Andrews University
  261. What to do with a problem Pastor
  262. Inter-religious relations: A Sikh perspective
  263. Could Jesus and Buddah be friends? (pdf) (NOTE: Scroll to "page 20")
  264. Roman Church declares SDA union on Vatican website
  266. Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People
  267. Vatican says SDA's more united with Rome around the Scripture
  268. Present Situation and Future of the Ecumenical Movement
  269. SDA church a member of the ACK (German division of WCC)
  270. Changes Ahead for Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
  271. Hinsdale Church celebrates Easter, also presenting Mel Gibson movie to members
  272. The Adventist Conbtribution to Biowarfare!
  273. SDA Leader Bert Beach honored by VATICAN and others!
  274. SDA church spearheading UNION WITH ROME
  275. Adventist Health System role in the largest Medicaid / Medicare Fraud Case in History  
  276. Federal probe rocks Seventh-day Adventist Church
  277. United Nations Liaison Office of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (Image of the Beast!)
  278. Adventist News Network suggests Cancer patients go to AMA and calls Natural Doctors, "quacks!" 
  279. World Church: Growing in Christ, NEW BELIEF STATEMENT VOTED!
  280. World Church: First Woman Vice President, Regional Presidents Voted In
  281. SDA Preacher declaring "God says" we should not keep the "Jewish Sabbath"
  282. Walla Walla SDA Collegue Praises Pope John Paul II as a "good example"
  283. SDA church is now selling the names of their members to advertisers
  284. Video documents "Project Whitecoat" where SDA church helps govt test bio-warfare on SDA soldiers. (Starts at 09:49)
  285. SDA church admits to gambling tithes in Stock Market. Attempts to "ok" practice as well
  286. Adventist Hospitals fined $8.7 MILLION by U.S. Govt for stealing from Medicare  
  287. In Loma Linda, Adventists mix ardent spiritualism with a holistic devotion to health
  288. The 2005 St. Louis Session: Items of Interest (pdf) (Scroll down to page 4 about CHURCH MEMBERSHIP LOSSES of 105%)
  289. WCC "Towards a Common Date for Easter"
  290. SUNday SDA church
  291. Loma Linda using Lethal Radiation on Cancer Patients.
  292. Behind the Board of Trustees (Andrews University)
  293. South America: Largest Adventist Church Dedicated in Brazil
  294. What's an Esdeeay (SDA)? (SDA church wants to DROP "SDA" abbreviation!)
  295. World Council of Churches and Vatican to agree code on religious conversion 05-30-06 (SDA church is of the WCC)
  296. Columbia Union Conference of SDA has partnered with known "spiritualists"
  297. Article written by Leland R. Kaiser, PhD of the Kaiser Consulting firm used by SDA church
  298. World Church: Adventists, Evangelicals Commence Dialogue in Prague
  299. Jan Paulsen (SDA President) encourages SDA youth to take part in "clean" politics
  300. SDA Church Becomes a GOVERNMENT AGENCY March 07, 2006
  301. SDA church/hospital terrorizes injured employee
  302. Adventist Health Care offering YOGA, T'AI CHI and MARTIAL ARTS
  303. SDA Church affirms the pastoral ministry of women
  304. Seventh-day Adventists Denounce Their OWN Health Message as Quackery!
  305. SDA church promoting Christmas and Easter Musicals
  306. Seventh-day Adventist Church abandons claim
  307. Video: Alberto Rivera & Others Speak on Jesuit Infiltration (Jesuits INSIDE SDA church?!)
  308. SDA church endorses Rick Warren's book
  309. Adventists and Evangelicals Unify!
  310. SDA church confesses involvement with German Government during Holocaust!
  311. World Church: Adventist Leaders Meet United States President at White House
  312. Video: George W. Bush praising SDA church
  313. Video: Hillary Clinton praising SDA church leaders
  314. Seventh-day Adventists and the Ecumenical Movement
  315. SDA church joins other denominations in "40 days of purpose." Lent?
  316. SDA church listed in NCC's Yearbook
  317. SDA church brags of stopping 3 angels message being shared '93 when Pope visits Denver
  318. SDA church admits (in writing) the church uses tithes for litigation
  319. SDA church ADMITS to performing ABORTIONS!
  320. Video: SDA church advertising drinking, perverted games, (twister) Pagan facial masks, blues music, etc
  321. Mainstream SDA ministry ADMITS 501c3 status (501c3 = image of beast)
  322. Catholics and Adventists together
  323. Seventh Day Adventist church praises Roman Catholicism
  324. Seventh Day Adventist church OFFICIAL TREASURER for NCC! (scroll to~ Treasurer: Kermit Netteburg (805-955-7770)
  325. SDA church writes childrens books advocating Roman Catholic Trinitarian Doctrine
  326. SDA church itself admits to having 501c3 Tx-exempt status. (501c3 = image of beast)
  327. SDA church sanitarium contract push hard to swallow
  328. SDA church ecumenical meetinsg with Roman Catholic churches in Germany (may need to translate with Google tools)
  329. The Adventist Drug Problem
  330. Adventist, Presbyterian delegates affirm common beliefs
  331. Ellen G. White name TRADEMARKED!
  332. Adventists, World Evangelical Alliance Anticipate Statements
  333. Evangelicals, Adventists Consider Future Ties Despite Differences
  334. Video: 3ABN declares Latter Rain to spread by TV, Internet, Books, etc instead of by the Hand of God
  335. The General Conference Inquisition
  336. Instead of Present Truth and Bible study, SDA church shares psychology to Africans with HIV
  337. SDA Church, "Rome's little helper"
  338. SDA church members conned into "get rich scheme" and lose 3.2 million
  339. Adventists in Nazi Germnany
  340. Adventist health care pays out $9 MILLION for OVERBILLING medicare!
  341. Adventist health system to fined $20 MILLION for FRAUD
  342. 19 separate Adventist hosptials to pay over $1 MILLION in fines
  343. President of SDA church in Rwanda involved in GENOCIDE
  344. Roman molestations now frequent in SDA church proving infiltration
  345. "Signs of the Times" glorifying Roman games
  346. "Adventist Church Cannot be Treated as a Sect," Say Adventists and Catholics in Poland (they signed a pact with ROME!)
  347. Adventist Hospitals UNIONIZED
  348. Demonic Catholic visions of Jesus in glass at SDA Hospital (This is a BLUNT fruit of Babylon!) (Proof, it is an SDA hospital.)
  349. SDA members in NCC to pray with Pope
  350. Andrews University Allows Jesuit priest to preach pro-Catholic message (pdf)
  351. Adventist was human guinea pig for military during Vietnam War
  352. SDA Conference churches helping Vatican share Catholic faith with youth!
  353. Two SDA women seek to abolish weekly Sabbath! \
  354. Adventist Dating Online! \
  355. Bacchiocchi says 666 does NOT apply to Popes?
  356. Walla Walla SDA College exposed
  357. Video: SDA pastor Joe I. Grider wearing the robe of a Catholic priest with the Pagan maltese cross on it
  358. Video: Same SDA pastor wearing another Vatican robe (Notice he is titled as "Father" on the video)
  359. Video: SDA "female" pastor preaching at Mt. Rubidoux Seventh-day Adventist Church
  360. New Age Sympathizer Leonard Sweet to speak at SDA Conference
  361. List of SDA Trademark Litigations
  362. SDA Church invites Hindu Leader to World Headquarters
  363. SDA church plays important role in Obama political inauguarl events
  364. Jesuits admit SDA infiltration! (See page #4) (pdf)  
  365. The SDA president, the Pope, and the Ecumenical movement
  366. Andrews University Dean posts Catholic education online
  367. Adventist Catholics
  368. Video: Seventh-day Adventists: Where have your donations gone?
  369. Video: Loma Linda Corruption May06 (Councilman lies about time. Video is well under 3:00 mins.)
  370. Shameful SDA
  371. Some SDA teachers teaching evolution
  372. The teaching of evolution debate
  373. SDA church admits to copying "Church & State" image of Rome
  374. Woman abused at Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy?
  375. Doug Batchelor embraces Ecumenicalism
  376. Strange quotes of Adventist Review


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