GCSDA Corruption #23

The following article was in the May 2002 issue of the Adventist
Review. This very vividly illustrates how effectively the adversary
is influencing our people to sacrifice "Truth" in favor of the "Warm
Fuzzies" of the "Social Gospel":

"...there's nothing wrong with worshiping on Sunday too" May 2002 -
Adventist Review, pg. 14 - NAD Edition

Family Matters by Kay Kuzma
Let's Just Praise the Lord

"I was raised a Baptist, but I attended a series of evangelistic
meetings, and 1 now believe in the seventh-day Sabbath. I love my
Sabbath school class, and the message at church is good, but I miss
the praise and worshipful singing part of the church service. I feel
like I'm starving to death. Sometimes I think about going to a
Baptist church, but I don't believe in their beliefs any longer. But
then again, I don't believe in everything at the church I'm at now.
What can I do?--Joyful

"Dear Joyful: I love praise services too. We right-brained people
need to feel and respond to God's love with our body language. There
are a lot of left-brained people, however, who were drawn to the
Adventist Church because they saw the logic of Bible truth, and they
don't understand us. Many are afraid that a show of emotion will lead
to extremes.

So what should we do? I urge you to enjoy the diversity of God's
church family and pray for flexibility, for openness to new forms of
worship, and for a loving tolerance of each other. Raise your hands
when you feel like it--especially if the words of the songs you sing
tell you to, Any song can be a praise song if sung with emotion
(although it seldom happens with heads buried in hymnals).
You might suggest that your church select a few hymns to memorize, so
they can put the hymnals down and look up to God. Start with a slow,
meaningful version of "Holy, Holy, Holy." Our little church group is
memorizing scripture songs; it's really fun. The children sing with
us, and they're eager to raise their hands to the Lord and clap as
the words of the song may indicate. We're also learning to sign some
songs, since one of our members is a deaf teenager.

There's no question that the seventh day is holy time. But when
you're hungering for something more, there's nothing wrong with
worshiping on Sunday too. Just don't give up one for the other. Plus,
it's a great way to witness to others about the Bible truth you've
found. And keep playing the praise CDs in your home, singing out,
raising your hands, and praising the Lord."

Kay Kuzma, Ed.D., is founder and speaker of Family Matters.
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