1. SDA Leaders recognized by Pope's One World Church
  2. Pope's "Summary of Bulletin" (12/10/16) acknowledges SDA church as ecumenical MEMBERS!  
  3. Pope's Conference of Secretaries of Christian World Communions endorses SDA church

Below are a growing number of quotes and documents that confirm the Seventh Day Adventist church (SDA) is in fact part of the Vatican's World Council of Churches (WCC). But before sharing that, what about the National Council of churches (NCC) that the SDA church claims they never participated in? They actually stated back in 1967 the following.

So, is this true?

So, it appears the SDA church associate Secretary (D.W. Hunter) is either lying or ill informed.

The reason I shared the two donations to the NCC is because this allows us to see that this has been going on for some time in the SDA church. But let's jump a few years forward after the WCC was seeking support as it was racing towards it's final "one world church" prophesied position on June 26, 2000. As is obvious for any business venture, support must be initiated long before the foundation can be set at the wall structure can find a footing. So, that being said, and since we know the SDA church did in fact donate to the NCC, did is donate to the WCC as well? And when asked, did they tell the truth this time?

So again, is this true?

Still, even though they have been caught lying about funding the NCC and WCC, does this mean the SDA church is a member of the NCC and WCC? Yes, it does. But let's ask them first to make sure we don't assume things. When asked about being a member of the NCC or WCC the SDA church said the following.

Again, is this true? Is the SDA church a cooperating member as well as a promoter of the Vatican's NCC and WCC? Or is it as the past "world" president of the SDA church claims? Is it all just a lie, or a fabrication when we say they are members and promoters of the NCC and WCC? What do the facts dictate?

As cooperating members and promoters of the NCC and WCC does this mean the SDA church has voting privileges in the Vatican meetings of the NCC or WCC?

Is the SDA church actively involved in NCC and WCC ecumenical promotions form mother Rome?

It's bad enough they joined with the NCC to promote a Vatican Christmas special, but what's worse is that they did the broadcast during a Sunday church service on December 4 in the Pioneer Memorial SDA church at Andrews University no less! But it gets even worse. The devotional message was presented by SDA minister Dwight Nelson! (see Adventist Review, December 4, 1994, p7.) He's the same SDA minister that claims Allah is God and the Koran is as holy as the Bible. See this video to confirm this as fact. This Christmas special was actually televised on Christmas eve (11:30pm Saturday till 12:30am Sunday) through the ABC-TV network. And to assure many SDA's would see it as a "good" thing, the SDA church bought advertisement for it in 14,000,000 copies of the TV Guide! (see Adventist Review, December 15, 1994, p 7.)

So, is it working? Is Rome's plan to merge all the churches together as one working and is the SDA church helping Rome do just that? What do the following comments of the SDA church tell you?