SDA Church openly embracing Lent and Easter with Catholics and others

THE TIMES Los Angeles March 23, 2001

"Christians of many faith backgrounds are continuing a 15 year tradition by joining for a mid-day Lenten service and meal, to make a statement of unity as they prepare for Easter together. The six participating churches hail from Episcopal, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian and Seventh-day Adventist traditions. They share sanctuaries and fellowship halls for the recognition of Lent, a 40 day fast and period of self-reflection in the Christian calendar. Seventh-day Adventists break from the common Christian tradition of worshipping on Sunday, by instead designating Saturday as the Sabbath. As a result, the church believes the Lenten service is like a bridge that connects it with its Christian brothers, said Brian Danese, pastor of the participating Seventh-day Adventists. "It gives us a chance to learn." he said.